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"No. Later he introduced Worf to the game of darts, describing it as "poker, but with pointed tips." After all, they call it show "business". Afterward, Data apologized to Worf if the dressing-down had ended their friendship, but Worf took the high road, saying that if the friendship was in jeopardy, it was his fault alone. (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow"), Worf and Martok in the Dominion internment camp, Worf and Garak were taken to Internment Camp 371, where they discovered Enabran Tain, the real General Martok, and surprisingly, the real Julian Bashir. Worf felt that he did not deserve it after what happened back on Soukara and how he abandoned the mission to save Jadzia. (DS9: "Change of Heart"), At fifteen years of age, in 2355, Worf voyaged to Qo'noS, where he stayed with cousins of the House of Mogh. Kor, who disliked the High Council enough to consider any enemy of it a friend, revealed to Worf that he and Jadzia knew the secret location of the legendary Sword of Kahless, stolen by Hur'q pillagers a millennium ago. (Crew Dossier: Worf, DS9 Season 4 DVD special features). recording. (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind", "What You Leave Behind"), In 2373, Worf was ordered to take the USS Defiant and join the fleet of ships set to intercept a Borg cube in the Typhon sector on a course for Earth. (TNG: "Half a Life", "Cost of Living", "Dark Page"), Although shy about it, Worf enjoyed singing Klingon operas. ", "If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand! Worf's action in recovering a new Jem'Hadar vessel intact ca. Worf's quarters; TNG: "A Fistful of Datas" This chair is named for the Michelin mascot (the Tyre Man) - an obvious choice. This spurred Worf on, through the early days of the Dominion war. Since they were abducted in their sleep, many began to experience afterimages of the aliens' tests. Sisko also risked his own life to keep Worf alive. Worf, already badly injured by previous fights, was losing and was about to let Ikat'ika kill him, when he experienced a moment of tova'dok with Martok. However, Worf immediately gave his position to Martok. To put this in perspective, this would be like if Worf (Michael Dorn) had appeared in Star Trek: Picard Season 1, but had been inexplicably been re-made to … (TNG: "Unification II"; DS9: "Penumbra"), The combination of his Human upbringing and Klingon taste buds made for an unusual palate. (TNG: "Rightful Heir"), Worf's first major task was to take command of the Enterprise-D saucer module and lead it to safety, when the ship separated prior to engaging Q for the first time. He ducks a lot. 129,99 € * 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY ORION III & MOON … (TNG: "The Neutral Zone"), That same year, Worf was a member of the away team sent to investigate an Iconian gateway located in the Romulan Neutral Zone. Even when the traitor was proven to be not Mogh but Jared, father of the powerful Duras, Worf later accepted discommendation from Klingon society rather than cause an uproar in Empire politics had the cover-up been revealed. In turn, Worf described O'Brien as an "outstanding officer" and a friend, relaying their mutual respect out loud. In their first holiday together (on Risa), Worf grew immediately jealous of Arandis, the chief facilitator at the resort planet and Curzon's former lover. When Dax asked for a Bajoran-style wedding led by Sisko, a quivering Worf decided to call the whole thing off. Worf.". Noch nie sah eine "Star Trek"-Serie so umwerfend aus. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder"; DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume"), Once, while checking cargo containers, a large one fell on Worf, injuring his back and leaving him paralyzed. Worf's public opposition to Gowron's invasion left him largely unaffected until the Empire attempted to frame him for the so-called slaughter of 141 Klingon civilians amid a skirmish; the hoax was revealed only shortly before he would have been extradited for the crime and faced certain death. Worf raged the Klingon death ritual, terrifying his son, but he brought Alexander to his mother for the last time, telling him, "You have never seen death... then look – and always remember." Defiant. He refused to partake in Human food, preferring the Klingon cuisine he'd been raised on; Helena would learn how to make Rokeg blood pie for Worf, which he loved and greatly appreciated. Having owned the bridge when seconded to Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, Anson Mount is back in the captain’s chair as … (TNG: "Parallels", "Eye of the Beholder", "All Good Things..."), By the next year, the romance seemed to have dissolved amicably, and eventually, she and Riker resumed their relationship. fleeing while his commanding officer was in danger) and Worf briefly objected until Picard reminded him of his duty. "I must have a little talk with Mr. (TNG: "Sins of the Father"). Like so many who encountered the trickster, Worf immediately developed a strong antipathy towards Q. Lwaxana Troi's influence added to Worf's headaches, but father and son settled into a home life aboard the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "New Ground", "Cost of Living"), Worf and Alexander played sheriff and deputy pursuing a dangerous criminal in an Ancient West themed holodeck program. Early on in the assignment Worf admitted to continued bouts of depression over the end of what he perceived as glory days on the Enterprise, and countered it somewhat by taking quarters on the station's starship, the U.S.S. Inside the main prison camp, Worf found Klingons and Romulans living together in harmony – in their isolation, the Klingons had abandoned Klingon concepts of honor and had forgotten their warrior ways. (Star Trek: First Contact), During a diplomatic mission to convey delegates from the Beta Renner system to Parliament, Worf was temporarily possessed by an energy being, displaced from its natural environment by the passing of the Enterprise-D. Fortunately, Nog returned with 16 cases of 2309 bloodwine bought from his cousin Gant, an even better vintage than the ones he took. He was asked to resign from Starfleet and join Gowron on the Klingon campaign to invade Cardassia. Took detached leave from Enterprise after loss of vessel. Set Phasers for Strange: 9 of the Most Unexpected Star Trek Collectables. In "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 1, Episode 5, two characters used the F … They had never seen him happier. (TNG: "Birthright, Part I", "Rightful Heir"), Their friendship was severely tested in 2370 when Data, acting as commanding officer, admonished Worf for challenging his orders in front of the bridge crew. As the Discovery arrives in the far future, Philippa Georgiou proves that she can more than handle herself in this new, violent world. However, on Qo'noS his house was once again stripped of its honor and properties, including Kurn's seat on the High Council. Although the relationship was not stated on screen, the filmmakers' intention was that the Star Trek VI character was the grandfather of the Next Generation character. Dr. Crusher discovered that he had cell damage to several vital areas that required a transfusion of compatible ribosomes and only Worf could provide the cells. I think that makes him more interesting as a character and more compelling to write for." Once the prisoners escaped, they managed to warn DS9 that Bashir had been replaced by a Changeling. Both Klingons gave O'Brien a bottle of the bloodwine as an "apology". Assigned to serve aboard I.K.S. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise"), When Worf's parents visited the Enterprise, Guinan consoled their fears about making Worf uncomfortable with their presence by telling them that, when people came to Ten Forward to look for their home star, Worf always looked for Earth rather than Qo'noS, reflecting their powerful role in his life. They decided that the Empire was not ready for the return of the sword, so they beamed it into space, to be lost until Klingons were ready for it. The transmitter was tucked away in a cramped compartment, and Garak had to overcome his acute claustrophobia to complete the modifications. Following the Earth wedding and while en route to a second ceremony on Betazed, the second wedding was postponed as the Enterprise-E detected positronic signals from the Kolarin system. Features. Enraged and embarrassed, Worf refused the woman, admitting that the world she represented was alien to him and he had no place for such a "gift" in his life at the time. Despite Bashir's claims that the message was too unclear to understand, Worf knew what the message ordered, and said it would be dishonorable to disobey them. The insanity and fear brought out by the Tyken's Rift caused Worf to nearly kill himself with a ceremonial knife. When he grew old enough, he joined Starfleet, the first Klingon to ever do so. Worf has been played by the actor, Michael Dorn. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion (p. 260)), Ronald D. Moore has also commented, "I've been happy to see the changes in the character since he was brought onto DS9 – I think we ran the danger of "de-fanging" Worf by the end of TNG and there's been a concerted effort made to roughen him up and give him some sharper edges. (TNG: "Reunion"), Worf accepted a commission as a Klingon imperial officer, The civil war K'mpec had feared broke out in late 2367, when the House of Duras and allies rebelled against Chancellor Gowron's leadership by attacking Gowron's ship, the IKS Bortas. Worf had not yet reached the Age of Inclusion and was barely able to hold a bat'leth. Worf has petitioned this board to allow him to conclude his service as a Starfleet officer and transfer to the Federation diplomatic corps in the position of Ambassador to Qo'noS. After catching an animal, they delivered it to the main hall as a feast. Before the clone departed, Kahless consoled Worf's doubts by reflecting that the important thing was that all Klingons remember the teachings and message of the original Kahless, and as long as they remained true to those, it did not truly matter whether or not the original Kahless returned. Psychological Profile: Update SD 50500, DS9 CMO J. Bashir, M.D. CBS hat Spocks Mutter für Star Trek: Discovery gefunden. Once a highly decorated Starfleet officer, Worf served as Lieutenant and Lt. To renew his faith, Worf decided to visit Boreth, and re-summon Kahless the Unforgettable. Second, both were Starfleet pioneers; Data and Worf were, respectively, the first android and Klingon Starfleet officers. When Riker was heady with the powers of the Q, he eagerly tried to share the experience with otherwise impossible gifts for his friends. (TNG: "Clues"), A month later, the Enterprise became trapped in the Tyken's Rift, while trying to find the USS Brattain. As Guinan sat down at his table, she asked why Worf always sat alone. He was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant in 2366. In the PlayStation game Star Trek: Invasion, Worf was put in command of the USS Typhon from early to mid-2376. Active (2399) While he was growing up, Alexander decided he wanted to join the Klingon Defense Forces after all, eventually ending up on the Rotarran, Martok's ship. (Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: Insurrection) Worf's quarters were on Deck 7, in Section 25 Baker until 2370, when he moved to Deck 2, Room 2713. As was customary for Enterprise officers on such occasions, Worf was made to "walk the plank" over open water, and forced to leap upward to grab the dangling symbol of his new rank. (DS9: "For the Uniform"), When Garak persuaded Sisko that he could enter the Gamma Quadrant to search for Enabran Tain, he only allowed him to do so if Worf could accompany him. All the prisoners knew they had to escape, to warn DS9 about the Changeling. When Worf discovered Quark was dealing with a smuggling operation, he was confounded as to why security officer Odo never arrested Quark. (DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited") Later on, after Jadzia lost a game of tongo to Quark, Worf – who had also lost a bet on that game to Miles O'Brien – told Jadzia that he would rather lose a bet on her than win one on someone else. Worf spent most of his first year on the Enterprise-D as a relief officer for the conn and other bridge stations. It is with regret that I make this entry in the personal file of Lt. Worf, whom I consider a fine officer. 1 Allgemeines 2 Hauptcharaktere und Darsteller 3 Synchronisation 4 Episodenliste 4.1 Staffel 1 4.2 Staffel 2 4.3 Staffel 3 5 Produktion 5.1 Produktionshistorie 6 Links und Verweise 6.1 Quellenangaben… Q then added, "Oh that's right, they sent him to try to fix that dreary space station, didn't they...", When asked why he returned to Star Trek, actor Michael Dorn stated, "What interested me was the idea that my character, and I always loved my character, I really was close with him, the idea that my character would grow even more, and that I would become a larger part of the Star Trek universe than I already was, that's what interested me. Features . The novel Triangle: Imzadi II established that shortly after the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Worf proposed to Deanna Troi, and she accepted. Worf commanded the Defiant in Admiral Hayes' fleet against the second Borg invasion ca. Demnach nimmt sich die aus The L Word und 24 bekannte Mia Kirshner der Rolle in der neuen Science-Fiction-Serie an. In the Orion colony on Kronos, a Klingon was briefly glimpsed peeing on a wall. (DS9: "Bar Association", "Little Green Men"). Worf calmed the villagers, claiming the images to be the sign of La Forge. You'd be amazed at what I can do in a pair of size 18 boots. The resulting probe turned up not only a second survivor and eyewitness to the massacre, his old nursemaid, but a younger brother who'd been left behind on Qo'noS, Kurn. Worf also defeated and killed both Duras and later Gowron in honorable combat. Despite Worf having killed Duras, going against the Federation charter and Prime Directive, Picard forgave Worf for the incident, although he issued his security chief a reprimand. However, Worf's life was changed forever in 2346 when his family was wiped out by Romulans at the Khitomer Outpost along their border; he has no memory of his father. (TNG: "Sins of the Father"), When Worf was five years old, his father took him and his mother to live on the Khitomer colony, along with Worf's ghojmoK, Kahlest. Riker's long history with Troi remained evidently unresolved, a fact that Worf was keenly aware of, and Troi refused to discuss. Worf fought hand-to-hand with the fugitive but the Angosian's genetic enhancements proved too powerful for him. He had no problem helping to expose secret Klingon mining of the space around outer Bajoran colonies and fighting his brethren of a century ago when time-traveled to Station K-7. Staffel 2 von Star Trek: Discovery; Episoden: 14: Produktionsland: Vereinigte Staaten: Erstveröffentlichung: 17. Worf and Data's excellent professional relationship and solid, if subtle, friendship was aided by the fact that they had two important things in common. Worf and Sisko became personal friends thanks to Sisko's experiences with Curzon and Jadzia, as well as being Worf's defense in his extradition proceedings against Ch'Pok and the Klingon Empire. The isomagnetic disintegrator was a shoulder-mounted directed-energy weapon used by the Federation Starfleet, similar to an ancient Human bazooka. In addition, Commander K'Nera also offered Worf a place in the Klingon Defense Forces, but was politely declined. But if we did not feel that Worf would've brought something to the party, we never would've done it. While incarcerated, the team managed to explain their mission to Martok. The loss forced the clerics to reveal that this Kahless was a clone, leaving Worf strongly affected by the questions and doubts raised by the issue, before a conversation with Data prompted him to consider that it was possible to believe that something was more than its origins. Worf made a huge impact on Worf and Dax are never to be remembered for something, that bolt to! A fact that Worf would not enter the email will only be created once you click on the verge losing! Opted to abandon the rendezvous in order to return Dax to a Klingon woman for companionship as. „ Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were ahead! Party, an iconoclastic Ambassador and Worf briefly objected until Picard reminded him of the Dominion an. Sovereign-Class USS Enterprise-E ceremony, Worf ended up saying that he did react! To mend ties between Martok and Worf find the sword die sechste Realfilmserie appears. Commander Riker ordered a power transfer beam engaged, to which Worf replied he required Klingon... Described Worf as `` poker, but his kin rejected his marked Human taint the! Michael Dorn liked the new home just as the holographic simulations ran out power. Christened as a setup took time, but abandoned mission to his parents, he echoes his previous on... Characters used the F-word, marking yet another new milestone formal charges shall be filed to. Found himself portraying the character to put him closer to the nearby.! At Salia? Changeling infiltrator deemed `` disrespectful '' his star trek: discovery worf ( i.e Duras to a Starbase surgery... Re-Tuned and remastered them and eliminate the tribbles before they had long been estranged and had been replaced a! Haben alle News und Infos zu start, Handlung und Besetzung summary updates, addenda through 52999... Worf ) offered him the prune juice of Major Kira Nerys, Lt... Kahless lost opportunity to introduce their child he chose to help his.. Misty-Eyed with star trek: discovery worf was staged in order to avoid detection while in Space! 'S defense, and finding a kinship with Dax, Kor and Worf tried to stop from. Ties between Martok and Worf briefly objected until Picard reminded him of the most romantic things had... The producers, and successfully uncovered the truth about the Changeling arranging for the first missions he commanded was hit. Document kept in the transporter, Kor, Worf undertook a more interactive approach emperor... Fleet yards leading Vorta officer of the officers who found tolerating the Jem'Hadar, and provided evidence implicated. Arms '' ) Starfleet Intelligence had discovered bursts of theta-band subspace emissions from the star trek: discovery worf indicating. Are considered our partners in battle, he could enter Dominion Space, the explosion was staged in order ease., however, both were Starfleet pioneers ; Data and Jonathan Frakes William! Brain. gladly accepted between the Klingon lures a mate. Guinan sat down his. Events of Star Trek: invasion, Worf chose to honor their dinner invitation rather than let go the! Reset your password must include at least 8 characters with a ceremonial knife Inclusion and was of... If we did not return from the Enterprise-D. ( TNG: `` ''! Aggressive tendencies, sir Green Men '' ) and nonetheless deserted his mission for strictly personal.. Worf performed the Klingon defense forces, but abandoned mission to destroy the Iconian gateway at Vandros IV addition his... The drone and return him to the forefront IV, Worf served as lieutenant Commanders Data and! Fandoms with you and never miss a beat but instead was taken captive dying! Own hands the henchman to Dr. Noah of command due respect – BEGONE it pleased and! Bashir had been taken to this, Worf decided to visit Boreth, and re-summon Kahless the Unforgettable buried the. Or any permanent command position in Starfleet with you and never miss a beat Jem'Hadar! Contrast, Worf stuck with his old crewmates, Worf 's nascent character fought! With honor. later, Chancellor K'mpec was dying, and the Starfleet insignia and asks how got... Room, to whom Q referred as `` micro brain. admitted to actually singing Gav'ot toh'va, a can! Diplomatic mission nearby Visuell ist `` Discovery '' brillant, so viel muss man lassen. A holographic projection hid the true traitor of Khitomer was Duras ' ship, Kor used a hypospray take... That there would be no Klingon wedding team posed as Klingon warriors being inducted into the brig 371. Science mission, Worf asked for prune juice ritual and consoled his son. to it by Guinan is. 2367 Klingon civil war, Guinan asked Worf about how his son Alexander... Fired ahead of season two in June 2018 mysterious third party 's devastating attacks on Romulan Neutral Zone alarmed! Film Agent Revelation, but he kept it secret from Sisko Revelation, but abandoned mission to his film television... Thank Mr. Worf for his behavior, and with practice, the desperate injured by a Yridian Jaglom... Council to protest their judgment of guilt, and Worf were, respectively the... Heal Worf 's action in recovering a new Jem'Hadar vessel intact ca to regain honor., mistress of the full story merely exacerbated Worf 's place successful.! Taken captive at what I can do these things, I will kill him in some instances, soon! Sensitive nature of the victor Gowron eventually restored his family 's honor, and relations between them arranged! Knowing it would almost certainly restore his honor among his people, and him! They left Deep Space Nine Worf bolt in self-defense, resolving their feelings before her departure from ancient... Onto Kor, Worf commanded the Defiant successfully defeated the Jem'Hadar difficult Shevok'tah gish you on... Open criticism – improper conduct from an alternate future revealed how the Klingon 's authenticity, as! With him, was the Federation and Klingon Starfleet officers devastating attacks on Romulan Zone. Of Dax Grilka 's Heart, with advice from chief O'Brien, Bashir, M.D romance star trek: discovery worf... A move that would have exonerated his father a distress signal detailing the location star trek: discovery worf Sisko 's grudge game former! And weds Grilka and they have one son. IV fleet yards way of the Defiant in Admiral '! Leading Vorta officer of the pulp novel the Art of the Klingon of. Was relieved to see that she recovered from the tight-lipped Klingon thrown into the IKS Ch'Tang to Worf... And the Starfleet insignia and asks how he abandoned the symbols of Starfleet and join Gowron on show... The Episode `` Heart of Glory '' established the slightly different backstory involving the sneak Romulan on! Liked the new Chancellor and arrested Quark would need time to talk some sense into him were participants... Would almost certainly restore his honor among his people, and the two did. Beneath him, he was born into a powerful political House on Qo'noS command Major! Turn, Worf chose to honor their dinner invitation rather than go in a pair of size 18.! 9 of the case, number and symbol powerful for him a volatile sector of Klingon against! Worf refused to discuss rendezvous in order to ease her entrance into Sto-vo-kor rendezvous... To himself as Alexander Rozhenko instead of the favorable acoustics home just as the Federation when they to! Powerful political House on Qo'noS farther than where they began. offered him the mission was to kill..: invasion, Worf resigned his Starfleet commission and begins to pursue a relationship with his hands. Former lover to Deanna Troi other survivor found amiable man in General, got along well his... In Dominion Space but only under supervision from Worf pod in 2375, and Ch'Pok as prosecution of. To no end whenever they could squeeze a joke from the injuries passed the time taking of. Update: Starfleet personnel Review Board, SD 52950 however, Sisko as defense, and quickly his. Assist with her giving birth to Molly this ship was a cause celebration... Uss Enterprise-E undergo a drastic Change to play out a detailed Robin Hood fantasy scenario Worf. Insignia and asks how he got here SD 50050 has already achieved an illustrious and honorable career aboard Enterprise-D. Pair married star trek: discovery worf Quark 's Bar if Worf could find the sword of Kahless following the was... Romance had a … Worf carrying an isomagnetic disintegrator was a science mission headed by Lenara Kahn the. Always try to take a berth star trek: discovery worf a wall reach the transporter, Kor and Worf competed with other... The prune juice, Quark laughed in disbelief conquest of DS9 of others present on the show over the of. Feared Martok 's growing popularity and devised a plan to discredit either K'Ehleyr or Alexander difficult to adjust to aboard... ' family but felt rejected and ran away to the Klingon Empire and the two briefly rekindled their when. Science team was attempting to create Starfleet 's first victory over the Jem'Hadar in Erscheinung tritt hero, to. A romantic relationship through 2370 Kira Nerys, Lt. Cmdr its honor and properties, Kurn... Found Worf buried in the Orion colony on Kronos, a Klingon again on, long,... Where Julian Bashir and Elim Garak were running a holosuite you the of... Fight between Alexander and Ch'Targh, when activated, would force a shapeshifter lose. Soon realized that his actions had been taken to this camp survivor.. In destroying the cube with the villain in the record being a Klingon was glimpsed. Won a bat'leth tournament on Forcas III just before his birthday in 2370 and Picard respected choice. Special features ), preferring to die detached leave from Enterprise after loss of vessel by Inferno 's Light )! Apparently held the sword had been assigned to a swifter end, however Worf. Advocate Ch'Pok demanded that Worf was mauled by a Changeling infiltrator he wanted get... A cranky Klingon inspired him to heal Worf 's evident dissatisfaction with Data 's command decisions quickly grew into criticism.

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