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I've always loved Boston Terriers and we actually had three Boston Terriers prior to Lenny so they were all rescues and this was our first first Boston Terrier from a breeder.... I think it was my second conference or maybe my first. Home School The Dog is an amazing, transformational dog training program that changes lives. Episode 44: Are you talking to your socks? Clip in podcast is taken from here - On doing dishes and peeing  Joe: And in my opinion, not only is it a matter of ethics, how we treat our dogs, but thinking about how we train them and how their learning I think has a lot to do with how we treat each other and how we treat our children and how our children learn to treat each other and to treat animals. Or both? But that kind of I think get lumped together under this dog training heading of... this heading of dog training and all the things that fall under it.. Check out our classes . Now I wanted to do an episode on Pip, not only because I think it's kind of interesting, this idea of a cat as a social media sensation, but also because I think it's a pretty incredible story of owners who have used smart management and good training to create an excellent world and an excellent life for a cat who you might say had special needs. He is a bodybuilder and a world champion powerlifter. And I mean obviously I no longer feel that way because I see the extremes of how people approach dog training. The Beatles song that contains a secret dog whistle So I actually just had two puppies in my house that I just got adopted this weekend. And the worst of it was we would follow people with Frenchies around the city. And what you're doing in the world of crates is, it gives me hope that  there is a future that could be better for this product. Full Transcript at, In 2012, Joe Freni's wife surprised him with a puppy they named Lenny. We LOVE dogs and they are our passion! No way. [laughing] She has like no neck, which adds to her adorableness, I think. But there are plenty of moments that haven't been so... golden. So Lenny is six and half years old, we got Lenny as a puppy about 10 weeks old, I believe. In this episode, Annie learns about Joe's journey as a body builder, a power lifting world champion, and as a show dog handler. Operant conditioning explained on The Big Bang Theory Being  Notes:  School For The Dogs' studio is closed, but we have lots of great content online: Classes, daily webinars, and FREE virtual private training sessions. "We have been coming to Coventry School since we adopted our Golden Retriever, Toby, at 10 weeks of age in 1998. Jessica: At Coventry, we learned how to raise a happy, well-adjusted dog who was a beloved member of our family for 12 years. Now,  if you've listened to this podcast before you might know that I generally think we use too many words with dogs in general. Find out more » Foundation Class Online. Help dogs and dog owners gain access to Good Dog Training. He tries to eat the bars, jumps up and throws himself against the bars, and generally cries until you open the door. --- Annie: Yeah. And so, I now have a little grunting cooing, occasional co-host who might just be the youngest podcast host out there. And I am actually going to be at the Museum this Saturday, March 30 from 1 to 2  doing a training demonstration. And because I am a full-time mom in addition to running School for the Dogs and in addition to doing this podcast, I am trying to be more efficient and how I do everything. Notes:  @lolabarksdale - - #sukiisadopted - French Bulldog Club Of America - Music: Ukulele cover of "Play a Simple Melody" by JazzBanjoRex Sign up today! We want to crate train for all the reasons you mentioned on the podcast and also because I want him to stop sleeping in our bed. Why? We offer cutting-edge enrichment programs, utilize positive reinforcement methods, and provide stress-free handling approaches that are based on scientifically-sound principles, extensive experience and advanced education in canine behavior. Seriously, I really appreciate it. --- Alan: Annie: And, they actually started doing classes when School for the Dogs was located in my apartment, which is where we are right now. Annie: Learn about the principles behind RSPCA's School for Dogs and how our methods can help your family and your best friend live a happy life together. Cherrie fell in love with the breed, and pitched an idea to her mother, a school bus driver who was looking for a retirement career: Maybe they could start a family business breeding doodles? almost a month ago. Mendota Lightweight Braided Leash It was also, it was just so interesting to meet people doing it, like all people from all over the country and also meeting different kinds of dog trainers and cause Association Professional Dog Training is not strictly, um... We use them every day, all the time. I would say these crates have no fans, but they're clunky. In the years since, Cherrie, her mother, her sisters and a few cousins have  been in the business of bringing fluffy dreams to life for hundreds of happy families. Shoutout:  In a previous iteration, it was the School for the Dogs classroom. He was the art dog's master. The dog is trained. What did you think of the collection when you first saw it?  We grew up here, but not really in Manhattan. and we bring them here for boarding and grooming too. I also think there were some Bedlingtons in there and Cocker Spaniels. That changed last month, when the museum officially relocated to midtown Manhattan. Email or leave a voicemail at 917-414-2625, Annie  addresses questions from people who are dealing with dogs who have habits that annoy other dogs, and, ultimately, their owners as well. RSPCA School for Dogs. Take a moment to conjure up sort of the perfect image of what a walk should be there. So today I am talking to someone who six months ago had a problem in the form of a tiny kitten who was driving her and her husband crazy. Annie: But, in this guide to teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash, Annie suggests teaching where you want your dog to walk in relation to your body (right next to your leg), and what you want your dog to be doing on leash (checking in with you often) before you start relying on equipment to control your dog's behavior. Please leave it a 5-star rating and write a review on iTunes! The Seeing Eye, Inc. is a guide dog school located in Morristown, New Jersey, in the United States.Founded in 1929, the Seeing Eye is the oldest, and one of the largest, of guide dog schools in the U.S. Sadly, it is not open to dogs but my dog will be there doing a demo. That started to be everywhere. - Music: "Hello Ma Baby" ukulele cover by The Channel Drifters And let's see. Frankly, they're an abysmal product, when you consider other consumer categories, like they just haven't been changed in 50 years. Notes:   I am here with my seven week old baby, Magnolia. Alan: Like this episode? Also leave us a rating Partial Transcript: So today I want to talk about someone who has been making the rounds on talk shows, and just generally in the news a lot, her name is Marie Kondo. Today’s topic is loose leash walking. Partial Transcript: to respond. Did I get that right, Gloria? Puppies are ready for dog obedience training between eight and 12 weeks old, says Nick Hof, a certified professional dog … We have a class to suit every owner and their best friend! Dogs can’t wait to climb aboard the Doggie School Bus, which takes them to an outdoor dog day care in West Linn, Oregon. Alan, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself. Essentially Pip is, you know, a multifaceted feline. Alan: "He is very happy when he's let out. I love how no nonsense you are with most subjects, and this one is of particular interest to me. Let's not lose sleep over this. Actually parenting is not so hard as much as parenting and trying to do absolutely anything else has proven difficult. away from the microphone guzzling down some milk. Show notes: Anyway, if you enjoy this podcast, just want to remind you that you can help me out by sharing it with That involves adding a cue. Hey everyone. Zel: NWA School for Dogs is proud to offer force free training solutions for dogs of all ages. Products: A charity in New Zealand is teaching rescued dogs how to drive a car. School for Dogs is the ultimate online hosting platform for dog training courses all over the world. If you have a training question you'd like answered, submit it at The Treat + Train: And those two ways of learning are operant conditioning and classical conditioning.,, ‎Show School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman, Ep A Different Kind Of Dog Photographer: Meet Andrea Castanon of BowieShoots - May 1, 2020 ‎A few years ago, Annie thought it'd be fun to do yearbook-style posed photos of dogs graduating from classes at School For The Dogs. Or neither?! Here he is making his debut in the early 1960s in a Purina commercial where he convinces his friend that dog chow is better than asparagus. Part 2: Rewards And they're legally speaking, they are still property, but people used to view the pets as their property, right? She really likes it. Annie: Full Transcript available at, The sprightly Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo has gained worldwide acclaim for essentially being an excellent trainer of humans. Fun Dog Fact Of The Day: Rowlf the Muppet was invented in order to sell dog food! Hey everyone. And I wanted to talk to Rachel for this episode because, I think even before dogs on Instagram were sort of a thing, she had an account for Lola on Instagram. Full Transcript available at, When we first met Lola Barksdale,  she was a tiny Frenchie puppy in our Kindergarten classes. I've tried covering the crate to make it more den like, but he barks and jumps the whole time. Partial Transcript: We met in Atlanta at the APDT dog conference dog conference. Annie here. Pip's NYC adventures as chronicled by The NY Post Uh, German Shepherds were the main ones.  You know it's funny as I almost named my dog, Lenny, after Lennie Briscoe on Law and Order. We are a professionally recognized leader in day camp and training services. A Real Mood Changer New York City's program has been so popular that the DOE expanded it from 7 to nearly 40 elementary, middle, and high schools this year. He's very stuck to me in general... And if you live under a rock and you don't know who I'm talking about, she is an expert on tidying up. Our 2nd and 3rd dogs (Reese, Golden Retriever #2, and Lucky, an Aussie/Collie/Lab mix) have also attended – and continue to attend – various Coventry training programs (obedience, nose work, agility, etc.) Annie: That's what my dad used to call himself, growing up. Full Transcript available at All the dogs we had before, including puppies and adults slept in a crate. Products mentioned in this episode:   Back to school is looking a little bit different this year for everyone, even our dogs. So it's really just about adding a cue to a behavior your dog already And again, because I come from that place, I totally get it. Oh my goodness A place for School For The Dogs' Members & Friends to find like-minded local canine lovers interested in coordinating playdates, sharing tips, and working together towards creating the best possible life for city dogs. Or a master? Let other dog lovers know that this is out It's done. Annie talked to Rachel about creating, and managing, her dog's Internet celebrity. 2010 it was. We've also tried pens, et cetera. Annie: They're noisy, they fall over, they, they're ugly. Jessica: Annie interviews the museum's executive directly, Alan Fausel, about the museum's collection, history, and fan favorites. The result is a dog who will understand what you want in as little as just one training session. Conditioning is a term that's synonymous with learning. In fact, he was so perfect that they decided to start enrolling him in competitions. Gets into poodles/wolves around the 4th minute - Also see Chapter 13 of Man and Wolf: Advances, Issues, and Problems in Captive Wolf Research - On Goldendoodles and "back crosses" Rachel: A list of notable guide dog schools worldwide.. Guide dogs are assistance dogs trained to lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles. Because although I have seven hands and four brains, it's hard to get it all done. We aren't sure how long we will be doing these sessions for free, so take advantage of this opportunity now. And when we moved to Manhattan, there were Frenchies. Dog Training for pets and people in Manhattan. Annie: So why don't we talk quickly? Hey there, humans. For the former, she describes how to use a verbal cue. Annie: Annie: To help him extend energy in a more appropriate way, Emily began to take him on walks on the beach. Hello, my name is Emily Meadows and I'm the owner of Pip, the beach cat. Partial Transcript:  He is five months old. Annie's preferred crate, the Revol (get $25 off the Revol with code SFTD25 at checkout through March 31, 2019) - See through pen on Etsy by ClearlyLovedPets - See through crate on Etsy by PrettyKennels - Treat and Train - The Toppl toy Hello humans, thank you for tuning in to School for the Dogs podcast. And there's certainly an aspect of animal welfare that has to do with training. While she might be adept at using positive reinforcement (mostly in the form of her sheer enthusiasm about junk drawers) and other methods that dovetail with Good Dog Training, her approach also  encourages people to attach their actions to part in certain bizarre "superstitious" behaviors.

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