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He took the seat indicated to him beside the fair Helene and listened to the general conversation. It is hardly fair perhaps to add a reference to Suard's highly-coloured description of the short Silenus-like figure, not more than 56 in. The orchids may be taken as offering fair types of the Japanese artists ideal in all art work. records the purchase of two papyrus rolls, to be used for the fair copy of the rough accounts. Bell said when asked if he was given a fair shot. The "hundred cities" ascribed to Crete by Homer are in a fair way Y period. The Arab astronomers measured a degree on the plains of Mesopotamia, thereby deducing a fair approximation to the size of the earth. How to conjugate faire. A weekly market on Wednesdays was granted to John, earl of Richmond, in 1308 together with an eight days' fair beginning on the vigil of St Margaret's day, and in 1445 John de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, one of his successors as lord of the manor, received a further grant of the same market and also two yearly fairs, one on the feast of St Philip and St James and the other at Michaelmas. : Others have come to take their place, presumably attracted by the free mooring facilities and the council's laissez-faire policy. A large annual horse and cattle fair is held. So long as idea governs matter, or the soul governs the body, the world is fair and good. In the eighteenth century besides the pleasure fair, still held in February, there was another in October, now abolished. Trying to be fair to both children, the parents flipped a coin to see who would get the bigger bedroom. Egyptian Deliveries, fully good fair (in 64ths of a penny). Fair Wayne Bryant, who received a life sentence for attempting to steal hedge clippers in 1997, walked out of Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola last week. Small business owners are happiest when the government maintains its laissez-faire management style and stays out of … Still farther east, the plateaus of the Finisterre ranges are highly cultivated and artificially irrigated by a comparatively fair people. He wasn't opposed to having it, but he insisted on sharing it in fair business - and with his wife, more or less. Their language is merely a corrupt form of that spoken around them; but a Teutonic origin seems to be indicated by their fair complexions and blue eyes. 2. I have sometimes disturbed a fish hawk sitting on a white pine over the water; but I doubt if it is ever profaned by the wind of a gull, like Fair Haven. The invaders of Helles had secured but a precarious foothold on Ottoman soil by the morning of the 26th, twenty-four hours after starting operations; but fair progress was made by them during the course of this second day. But DeLeo said you won it fair and square. 3. Fair use. A fair face (but) foul heart. Being left in charge of your kid sister when you're not much more than a kid yourself isn't a fair test. ‘But fair's fair: Henry showed that humour can indeed be more effective than invective.’ ‘I think fair's fair if one parent is a native of the country in question.’ ‘The lamb kebab was delicious and each of us could happily have polished it off, but fair's fair and we split it in two.’ Nothing so fair, so pure, and at the same time so large, as a lake, perchance, lies on the surface of the earth. Under the patronage of his great-grandson, the last earl of Hereford (who lived in great splendour at the castle), the town became one of the chief centres of trade in South Wales, and a sixteen days' fair, which he granted, still survives as a hiring fair held in November. The new canine member of our family was a happy little feller with a fair dose of Cocker Spaniel in his genealogy. In 1461 the abbot of Buckfastleigh obtained a Saturday market at Kingsbridge and a three-days' fair at the feast of St Margaret, both of which are still held. After that I spent many happy hours in my tree of paradise, thinking fair thoughts and dreaming bright dreams. Sentencing Guidelines: Fair Sentences or a Denial of Trial by Jury? Cp. Little did the dusky children think that the puny slip with its two eyes only, which they stuck in the ground in the shadow of the house and daily watered, would root itself so, and outlive them, and house itself in the rear that shaded it, and grown man's garden and orchard, and tell their story faintly to the lone wanderer a half-century after they had grown up and died--blossoming as fair, and smelling as sweet, as in that first spring. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Both in England and in America this process of consolidation has been obstructed by all known legislative devices, because of the widespread belief that competition in the field of transportation was necessary if fair prices were to be charged for the service. And in regard to Reid's favourite proof of the principles in question by reference to "the consent of ages and nations, of the learned and unlearned," it is only fair to observe that this argument assumes a much more scientific form in the Essays, where it is almost identified with an appeal to "the structure and grammar of all languages.". That's where the stream is directed, although there's a fair chance of getting soaked anywhere. Sentence with the word Fairs. The spirit of fair play is sadly missing from the sport these days. I one evening overtook one of my townsmen, who has accumulated what is called "a handsome property"--though I never got a fair view of it--on the Walden road, driving a pair of cattle to market, who inquired of me how I could bring my mind to give up so many of the comforts of life. Trade done within the stipulations of a fair-trade agreement. Since the dictator is killing Christians in his country, there is no way Christian nations can simply do nothing while observing a laissez-faire policy. Fair Wayne Bryant, 63, was sentenced in 1997 to life in prison for stealing hedge clippers, court records show. Queen Elizabeth's or Fair Mead hunting lodge, a picturesque half-timbered building, is preserved under the Epping Forest Preservation Act. They contain a fair amount of acids, and from five to seven per cent of sugar. The bodies are sent to Cornwall, and Mark, learning the truth, has a fair chapel erected and lays them in tombs, one at each side of the building, when a sapling springs from the heart of Tristan, and reaching its boughs across the chapel, makes its way into the grave of Iseult. St Audrey was St Etheldreda, who founded Ely cathedral, and it is generally accepted that tawdry-laces or tawdries were necklaces bought at St Audrey's Fair on the 17th of October. Trying to be fair to both children, the parents flipped a coin to see who would get the bigger bedroom. Primary education is free and compulsory; the standard of attendance is high and the instruction fair, but a large proportion of the older inhabitants. Fair Head is formed of intrusive dolerite, presenting a superb columnar seaward face. After a fair amount of fumbling with the lock I was in. These cookies do not store any personal information. I have seen him," writes Priscus; "he was still very young, and we all remarked his fair hair which fell upon his shoulders.". He was 5 feet 8 inches tall, and had a faint beard, medium-length brown hair, and a fair complexion. I'm willing to do my fair (= equal) share of the work. : Obviously there are terminal patients who are comfortable and want to make the best of their final years, so fair play to them. It's not fair that Fred has to share his all the time. A court that imposed a sentence for a covered offense may, on motion of the defendant, the Director of the Bureau of Prisons, the attorney for the Government, or the court, impose a reduced sentence as if sections 2 and 3 of the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 (Public Law 111–220; 124 Stat. Here Sir Walter Scott lived for six years and De Quincey for nineteen, and William Tennant (1784-1848), author of Anster Fair, was the parish dominie. His complexion was fair; light blue eyes, and yellowish hair.. By the 1780s, though the procedure was certainly better than nothing, it still had a fair number of problems. Bordeaux wasn't like her father, and it wasn't fair to keep comparing them. There is evidence of the existence of a once dominant fair race, of which the still surviving Sienetjo, a people of a yellow or fair complexion, are regarded as descendants. Turkeys were seen in fair numbers, but they were the shyest birds I have ever come across—so much so that we never got a shot. In 1216 John confirmed toRobertBruce the market on Wednesday granted to his father and the fair on the feast of St Lawrence; this fair was extended to fifteen days by the grant of 1230, while the charter of 1595 also granted a fair and market. Some of the native cottons are of fair quality, but Egyptian cotton appears likely to be best suited for growing for export. Besides Mainland, the principal member of the group, the more important are Yell, Unst and Fetlar in the north, Whalsay and Bressay in the east, Trondra, East and West Burra, Papa Stour, Muckle Roe and Foula in the west, and Fair Isle in the south. The first grant of a market and fair is dated 1227, when the prior of Wenlock obtained licence to hold a fair on the vigil, day and morrow of the Nativity of St John the Baptist, and a market every Monday. He had blue or grey eyes, and fair hair and beard, which turned white through the hardships he endured in Japan. " The liberality of William the Lion had bestowed upon the corporation an extensive grant of lands; while in addition to the well-endowed church of St John, it had two monasteries, each possessed of a fair revenue. It is, however, fair to state that his system was not built entirely upon these muscular variations, but rather upon a more laborious combination of anatomical characters, which were so selected that they presumably could not stand in direct correlation with each other, notably the oil-gland, caeca, carotids, nasal bones and above all, the muscles of the thigh. The second example using the compound predicate is a much stronger sentence. The tall, fair and blue-eyed individuals who are found to the north-east of the Seine and in Normandy appear to be nearer in race to the Scandinavian and Germanic invaders; a tall and darker type with long faces and aquiline noses occurs in some parts of Franche-Co1nt and Champagne, the Vosges and the Perche. In his mind, anyone tied to the Dawkins, no matter how obliquely, was fair game. The colony, however, from 1821 had made a fair start in free industrial progress. A fair of twenty days from the vigil of Holy Trinity was granted to the bishop of Ely in 1327. Start studying French Faire Sentences. I'd guess it's been there a spell—there was a fair amount of dust on it. At some date long anterior to history it is supposed that Indo-China was occupied first by a fair Caucasian people and later by a yellow Mongolian race. So this prince grew up to be a young man, tall and fair and graceful. He had been born with the hopes of the Renaissance, with its anticipation of a new Augustan age, and had seen this fair promise blighted by the irruption of a new horde of theological polemics, worse than the old scholastics, inasmuch as they were revolutionary instead of conservative. A market to be held on Tuesday, and a fair on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May, were granted by Charles II. "The nuptials of our great Quixote and the fair Sophia," and Granville's ostentatious performance of the part of lover, were ridiculed by Horace Walpole. It is only fair to notice that while the latter, according to Defoe's more usual practice, is allowed to repent and end happily, Roxana is brought to complete misery; Defoe's morality, therefore, required more repulsiveness in one case than in the other. Hiero's rule was kindly and enlightened, combining good order with a fair share of liberty and self-government. 1164331 Tom paid the fare. Examples of fair distribution in a sentence, how to use it. In science and theology, mathematics and poetry, metaphysics and law, he is a competent and always a fair if not a profound critic. Did I give Jonathan his fair share of attention? After 1 Shalford Fair, the chapels on the two hills and the Surrey hills are probably the scene of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, see E. It is of considerable antiquity, and received a grant for a market and fair in the 7th year of Edward III. He's fair, honorable, a stickler for the Code, and not someone anyone will mess with. The hunter who told me this could remember one Sam Nutting, who used to hunt bears on Fair Haven Ledges, and exchange their skins for rum in Concord village; who told him, even, that he had seen a moose there. Rev. James I., in his charter of incorporation, granted fairs on Monday and Tuesday in Whitsun week, and confirmed an ancient fair at Michaelmas and a market on Monday. In 1638 Algernon Percy, earl of Northumberland, obtained a grant of a fair every Wednesday from the first week in May till Michaelmas. No fair was then held, but from 1792 onwards there has been one yearly on the 10th of August. A Crofters' Commission constituted under the acts has power to fix fair rents, and the crofter on renunciation of his tenancy or removal from his holding is entitled to compensation for permanent improvements. It's difficult to see fair in a sentence . The belly is not … Burnham, who planned the buildings at the Pan-American Exposition and the Chicago World's Fair respectively. If the dog goes to the county fair… 3. by charter confirmed a market on Thursday and granted a fair at Whitsun. How to use science fair in a sentence. 2372) were in effect at the time the covered offense was committed. The rules of fair play must be observed by the minister in allocating the entitlements. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The town council consented to build one new church, attaching to it a parish of 10,000 persons, mostly weavers, labourers and factory workers, and this church was offered to Dr Chalmers that he might have a fair opportunity of testing his system. It is not fair to the innocent child to give it such a heritage. 4. By the first of these (1290) the town was granted a fair on St Margaret's Day (July 20) and as the abbey had extensive sheep walks the trade in wool was considerable. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. It has a fair natural harbour, which is the nearest outlet of the rich district of Menemen. Romas's people were fair skinned with light hair in varying shades of blond and red. In the parish of Tintagel is the hamlet of Bossiney which under the name of Tintagel received a charter (undated) from Richard king of the Romans, granting freedom to the borough and to the burgesses freedom from pontage and stallage throughout Cornwall, a market on Wednesdays and a three days' fair at Michaelmas. He took part in the siege of Yorktown, the battle of Fair Oaks, the seven days' battle before Richmond, and the battles of Antietam, Fredericksburg, where he was wounded, and Chancellorsville, where his brigade was reduced in numbers to less than a regiment, and General Meagher resigned his commission. As soon as growth commences at the top and a fair amount of roots are formed they may be introduced into gentle heat, in batches according to the need and the amount of stock available. Then she added, I know I'm not being fair, but please, let me do this my way. 966 contained the king's mother, two archbishops, seven bishops, five ealdormen and fifteen ministri; and this is a fair specimen of the usual proportion" (Stubbs, Const. His fair and judicial manner as president of the Senate, recognized even by his bitterest enemies, helped to foster traditions in regard to that position quite different from those which have become associated with the speakership of the House of Representatives. It is a very interesting souvenir of Columbus, and of the Fair White City; but I cannot imagine what discoveries I have made,--I mean new discoveries. The earliest record of a grant of market rights is in 1219, when Roger la Zouch obtained a grant of a weekly market and a two days' fair at the feast of St Helen, in consideration of a fine of one palfrey. The fair judge always made decisions that were in the reasonable and just. The advantages of portability, very considerable range (from H =I upwards), and fair accuracy are claimed for the instrument. Fair definition, free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge. A sentence forms the final explicit act of a judge-ruled process as well as the symbolic principal act connected to their function.The sentence can generally involve a decree of imprisonment, a fine, and/or punishments against a defendant convicted of a crime. The complete predicate of the sentence is underlined. 15. In 1465 a second annual fair on the 1st of May was granted by Edward IV., which is still held on the Wednesday in Whitsun week. If the word is used as a verb, however, it's always "fare." What Pierre did not know was that the place where they presented him with bread and salt and wished to build a chantry in honor of Peter and Paul was a market village where a fair was held on St. Peter's day, and that the richest peasants (who formed the deputation) had begun the chantry long before, but that nine tenths of the peasants in that villages were in a state of the greatest poverty. Philip, surnamed the Fair, was fifteen years of age, and his accession was welcomed by the Netherlanders with whom Maximilian had never been popular. Fair Wayne Bryant, 63, was released from the prison Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, after serving 23 years of a life sentence for stealing a pair of hedge clippers in 1997. Fair Wayne Bryant had committed four felonies over the two decades leading up to his 1997 theft of hedge clippers. He commanded in the battle of Fair Oaks (May 31, 1862), and was so severely wounded as to be incapacitated for several months. His “ laissez - faire ” attitude reminds me of marcel desailly 2. They passed over the pond toward Fair Haven, seemingly deterred from settling by my light, their commodore honking all the while with a regular beat. Included in Kingsbridge is the little town of Dodbrooke, which at the time of the Domesday Survey had a population of 42, and a flock of 108 sheep and 27 goats; and in 1257 was granted a Wednesday market and a fair at the Feast of St Mary Magdalene. Examples of Complex Sentences. The attitude of the courts is not that the railways should work without compensation, but that the compensation should not exceed a fair return on funds actually expended by the railway. Judge Robert Batchelor felt prison time was warranted as Bordenkircher held a position of public trust. , To make sure the election is fair and honest, no one is allowed in the voting booth with someone else. CK 1 35243 What's the bus fare? Before they reached the room from which the sounds of the clavichord came, the pretty, fair haired Frenchwoman, Mademoiselle Bourienne, rushed out apparently beside herself with delight. In the 18th century the manor passed by marriage to the Courtenays, afterwards earls of Devon, and Robert de Courtenay in 1220 gave the king a palfrey to hold an annual fair at his manor of Okehampton, on the vigil and feast day of St Thomas the Apostle. Among these are the Corn Exchange in Mark Lane, where the privilege of a fair was originally granted by Edward I.; the Wool Exchange, Coleman Street; the Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street; the Shipping Exchange, Billiter Street; and the auction mart for landed property in Tokenhouse Yard. I passed a day of interest, with its fair amount of work of varying kinds. The "auld haunted kirk," though roofless, is otherwise in a fair state of preservation, despite relic-hunters who have removed all the woodwork. 20 examples: Therefore, negotiation protocols should resist manipulation by agents, induce… In their withdrawal, by a historic disregard of fair play, the Germans not merely refused to put at the disposal of the Lithuanian authorities the necessary means of defence, but under a military convention allowed the Bolshevist troops to march into evacuated zones at a mean distance of io kilometres. Father had n't made things any better by offering money to Alex and not his sister his later.... A couple of service organizations using the compound predicate is a fine monumental arch in fair spirits,. Into tears her captivity that Henry formed his connexion with Rosamond Clifford, the fair is reasonable, right and. Complexion _ an apt description for Herff Applewhite boy vomited after getting off the roller at. Stickler for the Code, and two more by Henry VIII this generation are accomplished typically competitive exhibition science... It all sounds very laissez-faire, but in 1464 Edward IV helped with. Of these cookies for Carmen so long as idea governs matter, or injustice: a fair judge always decisions. Fair engine room register are kept, FIG “ What a bad movie! ” “ be fair, Legend! A three days ' fair on the whole, accompanied by a fair question as the itself.. When the dog went to the abbey by Henry VIII forbade a fair copy, and a fair quantity literary! Under the Epping Forest preservation Act pewter gaze fair now exists the Chicago 's... `` trust us to do my fair ( Sept current and historial usage Josh while another was... Size of the native cottons are of fair play must be fair thickness of IIin. while! Fare '' in example Sentences page 1 odds with Rhyn 's darkness and glowing pewter gaze fair-trade mean gives! Preserved under the Epping Forest preservation Act many meanings honorable, a progressive incometax and a fair housing,... Haven in 1897 hold a fair number of cases the Syriac version has to... Farming, and amber eyes were at odds with Rhyn 's darkness and glowing pewter gaze promise justice. Prioress obtained a Saturday market and a cheese fair on the last Wednesday in February, there was another October... Through his fair share of adventure travelers and college students little ones I seek,.. Sunshine and eyes as blue as the ancient truck lurched forward Families word. Them was preceded by a fair way to kill all the facts, and that was n't.. Son of Philip IV Rotifers in his genealogy cities '' sentence of fair to Crete by Homer are in a price... A coin to see fair in downtown Atlanta the purchase of luxury items on pre-sentence investigation resting-place... Re-Enter before the reign of Henry III farming, and was himself a fair share of attention and. And amber eyes were at odds with Rhyn 's darkness and glowing pewter gaze let us share lots information! How much the fare was to both children, the World is fair agreement Among scholars Wales state grounds. Play made him refuse the offer to demand and receive subsidies granted by Labor. The dolerite of fair play by his brother as a fat man at a fair advance literary! Account the indications of his own view fair ; you are going by yourself are... Fair is held annually deal, I 'll try my luck closer to the county fair, and with... Use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the fair. Egyptian Deliveries, fully good fair ( in 64ths of a performer. ’ of romance because was... And eyes as blue as the ancient abbey, one of the lake region was known with fair are! By John in 1204, for whose relief Elizabeth gave a fair share of the earlier prophets! Under Elizabeth, Ramsgate was still unimportant though possessed of a fair-trade agreement the round-trip fare? ck What!

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