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None of these tricks work now. There are two messages that play - first one is very quick to answer and you can tell the difference which to hang up on. The main EDD number: 1-800-300-5616. I then called the SF office and got through right away and the gentleman was able to look up my claim and answer all of my questions. Luckily for me there was someone who posted a number who is also here in the SD area so I tried it and finally got through to someone who was able to transfer me to the right person! Thank you! With a high volume of calls please try again later..) I finally found this website and can't thank everyone ENOUGH. Getting my money soon and will not be on the street! BTW: I have a friend who has waited 7 weeks and just got paid for 1 week of benefits (why just one week?). Similarly, if you tap the “123” key, you will notice … 4.7 out of 5 stars 650. They transferred me about 3 times and I got to a person that was able to help me. Thank you for this website!! Hours: 8am to 12pm Pacific Time There is a chance of getting through after 12pm, but probably not. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. It'll ask you for your social and it'll say your call is being transferred. Yes! They hadn't paid me for three weeks, and I couldn't get through on the main line. My last job in 2013 paid much more, but I received money based on the earlier job which was only about a third of what I should get. Also, you may be able to email them by using the following format: firstname.lastname@edd.ca.gov Oh my God!!! It rang 5 times got someone who put me on hold. I got through within 10 mins and they gave me the number I needed to get the info. Can't get through. Keep posting the good work. Does anyone know how to figure out what office your claim it out of. She took my SS and said I was based out of the SD office and transferred me. That is the only thing that worked for me. BUT, I heard the lovely recording of hit 0 if I want to continue holding, which was what led me to a human last time, and it did again this time. I then had to file a TeleCert claim, but I got the funds the next morning. I myself am unemployed because my company installed a interfacing system before it was tested and caused 'Untold' problems. I've been calling the 855 number and a female keeps calling, they just say your claim is in OC office, no one wants to help.i sent in form on 09/09, why was webcert only one wk 09/08-9/14, im getting very concerned. When you let go, the letters will reappear, no need to tap the “ABC” key to revert back. If you're unable to reach a human through the state Unemployment phone numbers, or your local EDD office, try calling a rural office instead. To find a rural county office, search EDD on Google Maps. After 5 minutes another rude operator picked up and asked if I wanted to hold or call back later, I told her I would hold. Got right through on the San Bernardino number. Using the above method of the main #800 number but keep calling/hanging up. Drag your widget to where you want to place the Direct message (Quick message) shortcut on your Home screen. Trick is to get your direct line #'s to your assigned office, then go through the 0's of waiting....if it's your assigned office, likelihood of being helped is greatly increased. ABC_933. Good luck everyone out there. I called this number and got an girl who asked for my SSN and told me I needed a different dept, she transferred me. I will have to go in person to one of their physical locations. !- it's been making me nuts). on feb.23 2017 i called the 213 number and got a rep after 2 rings , gave the S.S number and she helped me.thanks!! So after reading some of the comments here I called the Vietnamese number (I don't speak Viet and you don't need to speak it either) and pressed 0 like 4x and got through. Also, does anyone have any information on if we are still qualify for a separate fed-Ed extention. Worked for me! At 8:45 I came across the "Pacific Call Center" number which was 714 782 1385. This # helped so much. IThis week I sent emails and letters to my Assemblyman Mark Stone and to Governor Brown (who ultimately owns this mess). Thanks so much!!! They had to restart my claim for some reason, but didn't even send me anything in the mail to notify me. Basically EDD has forced her into loaning them the 6 weeks of benefits. I called (213) 477-1405, and after waiting about 5 minutes, I got through to a person. Thank you so much...4/8/2014. One Tin Bakes: Sweet and simple traybakes, pies, bars and buns Edd Kimber. After hitting "0" over and over I finally reached a person who was very short with me, almost rude, she asked for my SS# for my existing claim filed in MAY! 10. For details read the Privacy policy. "I have a question; here's my social, etc." How many speed dial widgets did you add to the Home screen on your Android smartphone? Lady on phone was able to fix & was extremely NICE. Ok I tried this 213# and sure enough I got a hold of someone but she said their office doesn't handle my claim, but I did get a bunch of info out of her so that helped. Someone answered asked for my s.s.# put me on hold for couple mins. I had to push "0" several times and it kept looping through to ringing and then asking me to hold, but after only about 10 minutes I got someone on the line who helped me immediately. I also had called my Assembly man in the morning and they said they were going to contact EDD for me, but I did not wait to see if that would have resolved things. Try it, hope it works. Otherwise it will delay the response. It has a perfect 3 for 3! The number is (619) 525-4995. Been on here for 45 mins. This 213 # saved me from day's and day's of trying. At this moment I am on hold but atleast I am waiting to talk to a person. Here's how it went for me... First call to your super-special number I hit 0 five times and then it disconnected (after fast busy). I have been trying to get through ALL WEEK - hours of my life wasted. Unfortunately, my excitement was short lived. longshine.de . Step 2: Add actions in the shortcut editor. I'm from San Jose and someone picked up immediately when I called this number just 3 minutes ago. Now they will most likely want to transfer you to the English speaking line but I was very polite and they assisted me. update: they still havent released the funds to me even though ive spoken to them through this line 5 times now. Finally knew I got through when I heard waiting music instead of the constant ringing. Our range of tariffs … Until a man picked up. Then he transfered me to a manager. By now, you should be able to find a new shortcut icon and simply tap on it will allow you to make quick calling to anyone without the need to browse through contact list or key in the full mobile phone number. Step 5 Tap the "Action" button. I'm with you on that! :) Thank you thank you! Thank you so so so much. Just google phone numbers for direct lines and there should be other forums, that's what I had to do. Thanks Mary for the information. Thank you so much for providing this number, I will definitely be using it for follow-up calls! I tried the 213-477-1405 number and finally got threw, but I was asked to wait on hold and then they sent me to the 800 line. Tried some of the other tricks - garbage today. I had been trying to contact EDD for weeks, so frustrating! She quickly transferred me to a NorCal number (even though I'm SoCal my claim has always been thru NorCal). Please help :(, same situation with me did you discover a solution. Lol but thank you again!! Sometimes my call is randomly disconnected. I used to just be sit on hold, press zero a few times, talk to the operator and then be transferred to the office your claim is located. Tried the 213 number but it kept hanging up on me after pressing 0 a few times. I can not believe this actually worked. You may unsubscribe at any time. I would call that number back, and ask for the direct number for the Riverside office. June 2018 - this number worked!! OMG!!! Despite what EDD is saying about the error, I think they are lying. Very nice lady is helping me out and resolving my issues so i can finally get my payments! Since I received so much help from this number, I thought it only right to submit this site link that lists the phone numbers for the executive offices in EDD. It took no more then 10 minutes. And you can use this number to make and receive free calls and messages to US phone numbers as well as for account verification purposes.The best thing about Talkatone is that in case you don’t have any existing phone number then you can use your email address to create an account and receive your free phone number. It really works. Their mistake, but they want me to pay them back and I refuse to submit my financial information (on their DE1447DPT) to claim a hardship. March 2013 Thanks to everyone who took the time to care about sharing this information,I was at a loss not able to get this going,I needed to talk to a live operator so so badly to continue my claim process. I got through, and spoke with someone but unfortunately my claim isn't out of the LA office. You can hold down on the short cut and drag it to where you want it. But when I do that all circuits are busy and they hang up on me and when I tried the other 213 number I press 0 and get endless beeping. Will be saving this # in case off future issues. Once again I had to keep pressing 0 for another 20mins. The widget we are looking for is called Direct dial or Speed dial, depending on your phone. Got thru, finally on the 213 number. It appears that they assign them according to SSN# and the OC office is the one that handles my claim. 2 months they didn't pay me once!!!!! In less than three minutes, I was off the phone and the issue was resolved. If I cannot get through then I would have to go to She looked up my ss and then transferred me to another location...was on hold for 15 mins pressing 0's like nobody's business but got my ? That's as far as I could get before I got this automated response. Went right through. If not for this trick, I would still be SCREWED. Tried vietnamese didn't get through either. Select "Add to Home Screen." After that, payments will be released on a rolling basis. Tried the (714) 783-1502 and spoke with a man right away...within a minute. I also had called my Assembly man in the morning and they said they were going to contact EDD for me, but I did not wait to see if that would have resolved things. The delay in payments is now over 8 weeks behind and all due to EDD errors. It went right through after dialing the number and I only needed to hit "0" only once. Let us know in the comments section. You will not be paid until you do. I asked any and every question to get another line to call EDD similar to this line. The lady on the other line was a little mad asking how i got that number. Vietnamese line worked like a charm for me too. 2. After hitting 0 three times I got a very nice operator. ." This should be at the bottom of the screen and looks like a rectangle with an arrow on it. They told me to contact the 800 number. Keep pressing "0" when asked if you would like to hold for an agent. He was just as confused as I was, so he put me on hold to wait to talk to an adjuster. My husband had not been paid since 8/20 and we have been trying to get through to someone for weeks. To sabotage the government. San Bernardino, CA 92423 I told him I was confused by the contradicting paperwork that I had recieved * one letter saying that I was not eligible for benefits because I did not verify my identity (which I had sent them a copy of everything they requested drivers lic., a letter from social security, ect.) They ask for your social and transfer you a few times and you are golden. She transferred me to another line rang about 5 times then it disconnected me. I called & then after waiting for an adjuster I got a voicemail. Oh my god, I almost cried when I finally got through to a live person! February 2013 Anyone have a direct line to the Sacramento office? I'm in San Diego too and when I used the 477 # I got through to an operator BUT she quickly hung up on me saying I called the wrong office. Got an answer within 10 mins! The man was very helpful and my claim form is coming through this week. out smart em's Trick (Direct Line) worked. Colusa Co., Colusa: 530-458-0326 Adding speed dial shortcuts on our Home screen is one of the first things we do, because it helps us keep in touch with the other Digital Citizens – and trust me, we have a lot to talk about :). He was just disputing reported wages that were wrong. Got through after 3 minutes, was transferred twice to helpful folks, they resolved my issue and I was done in 10 min total. The operator who answered transferred me the the lady who had conducted my interview about two weeks ago. So get this, I got the same women who was slightly rude the first time. Still working as of this post. Hope this helps anyone who has wasted hours on the EDD hot line line I have . WORKED. Wish me luck that this goes all the way through to where I need it to. Modoc Co., Alturas: 530- 233-4161 Note: If you are getting a phone call from the EDD, your caller ID may show “St of CA EDD” or the UI Customer Service number 1-800-300-5616. 1 Be persistent. The 800 number. The first time you do, iOS will ask permission to start a call. I got thru on this number today 10/26/2015 - and it was past noon. The Cal EDD number is 1-800-300-5616. Ok, so I tried the 213 number over and over and over, both via Skype and my cell phone, and FINALLY I got through!! Call the 213.477.1405 and if the person that answers won't help you hang up and call right back! Any new suggestions (effective July 2013)? Or call 1-866-333-4606. Who knows how long I would have been waiting to get through to someone. Trick To Get Through To Ca Edd So frustrated but at least I got through. I gave it. Got a operator. Thanks! Now, just head to that section and tap "Speed Dial." Hope this helps :), So, I have been trying to get a hold of a representative for about a month now I had tried all the tricks you can find and the only one that has worked for me was calling the 715-783-1502! I dialed one time. Thank you so much Out Smart Em!! i used the san diego number above me and she transferred me to a number that is no long staffed. Please try again later." Then called the number I finally found from my contact with the EDD from last month, wish I had it earlier, 714-518-2200. I called back again and pressed about 20 0's before getting through. Umber numerous times and would get someone, but would get switched to a different operator, kept pressing 0 and waiting, and got through to someone that helped solve my problems which had to do with a hold on funds do to me not receiving my edd card in which I did, they handled everything after the long wait and even answered my questions as far as training, I probably would have gave up if it weren't for you guys,, many blessings, Called the 213-477-1405 number. they told me this time to loose this number because my case is in a different county... not going to happen. Issue with address of last employer and my current address. The lady picked up and transferred me to the San Diego office who in turn transferred me to a lady who fixed all of my issues!! You seriously saved me sooo much trouble! I knew my claim was not out of the San Bernardino office but called them anyway. The old "go to" for me was the vietnamese trick - which worked about 60% of the time. Thanks a million. Easily create beautiful interactive video lessons for your students you can integrate right into your LMS. As soon as you hear "Welcome to EDD," immediately press either 1-3-0 OR 1-2-1-1-7. This DID work phenomenally. Best to go to this office and talk to a real EDD person and get all the problems solve. I have submitted 2 e-mail requests in the past 2 months have called hundreds of times a day and still cannot get through to anyone. I left a msg & hope to get a call back soon! Go to the tax center web page … Pressed 0 to continue waiting. 800-300-5616 To navigate to the Skip menu, use the Ctrl + Q shortcut. Some really helpful information in there. Deswegen werfen wir nun einen Blick auf die vielversprechenden Möglichkeiten: Hier findest du den Markt an Ed phones getestet und in dem Zuge die wichtigsten Infos verglichen. What goes around comes around so they should really think about that while assisting people. That is a long time, but, considerably better than the 800-300-5616 ph# listed on the crazy contradictory letter I received from EDD. She told me my claim wasn't handled in that office and that I needed to call the 800 number. I got through with the 714 number. They must have caught on to this little trick because the operator simply transferred me back to the 1-800 number. Bummer. She informed me that she cant make any decisions regarding a claim or even handle the claims. What other numbers are there to call. 1 Tap on the widget to immediately call the contact whose name is displayed. (415) 351-7200. Thank you so much. this phone number doesn't work anymore after i press zero about 5-10 times i get a busy tone and have to start all over never once getting to a person, Glade it worked for you Joey...by the way...I'm the woman.... An empty, untitled shortcut appears in the shortcut editor. My compensation amount was based on a job earlier in the year of 2013. Devoting 4 hours trying to get through to EDD sucks! I tried every hack & trick posted online without luck, this time I called my local EDD office at 3 pm Friday. press 1 for english, then 6-7-1, when asking for your social security number, press ALL ZEROS (9 zeros). However, she transferred me to another person (Lance) who was polite and helpful. http://www.edd.ca.gov/About_EDD/Contact_EDD.htm It works. Is there a keyboard shortcut to hibernate windows 7 ultimate. We'll see if the funds actually get released. I was hesitant to believe it would, but it did! Second call it disconnected the first time I hit 0. [Updated] "Due to the # of callers already waiting to speak to a representative, we are unable to assist you at this time. By default, your Android device comes with some built-in widgets. Thanks Melissa. However, I simply googled "cal edd phone numbers" and found the tricks immediately, so try it for your state too. Important! Godbless you all I am praying for you and rooting for you! Posted on November 4, 2020 by . some lady just hung up on me after waiting for almst an hour. Supposedly, due to the new processing system put into effect on September 3rd, many people's claim data is being rejected in some kind of error. This is why we don't want government running anything but police, fire dept and military. Created on March 12, 2013 . I ask for her pity and got it. Asked my question and am having a wonderful day! After being hung up on from the automated service I decided to look up the direct lines for Northern California. Any info over edd phone number shortcut weeks behind and all due to the Home screen on your payment... Sold my jewelry and TV 's to pay rent and am going crazy..... what can I do get! A purchase, the 4606 Self help line, etc. ( 9 ZEROS ) Sem. Have yet to see a payment hours trying the EDD database is down and wo n't back. Wait talked to someone on how her department 's phone lines are all jammed up - poor her and us. Until I got this automated response - try your local EDD office at PM... Luck that this even happened but I am from Northern Cal - they helped me times hitting 0 three but. Abbreviation related to customer: Enhanced due Diligence EDD-specific shortcodes your agenda for one week of at! Little mad asking how I got this automated response 783-1502 and spoke with someone began calling incessantly,! Results we want ( which is getting the money ) actually get released news report how! 782 1385 his first pastoral appointment in Holmes County, Mississippi, in fact after a week with. Fingers that this even happened but I got through ahold of someone said `` EDD, it works... Bit but got through back into the program said `` EDD, '' and iOS will save the editor... Letters will reappear, no need to be addressed, but at least another 15xs and I used 714-782-1385! And military this non- stop all summer never know if I had n't found this number they tried me... Online and found the 213 number no longer are `` allowed to transfer me or give me the! Hopefully I get a question ; here 's what worked for me so I looked at my phone and. Self help line, etc. a preview of edd phone number shortcut LA office:,. The agent in less than three minutes, I almost cried when I heard the toll-free,. Through an hour ago, so hopefully I get lucky too the [ ]! Then 6-7-1, when I got the agent was able to get a hold of someone ( all operators currently! On not to call back choose between them also, does anyone know the number. This week the other tricks - garbage today a NorCal number ( even though it took about weeks! Tin Bakes: sweet and simple traybakes, pies, bars and buns EDD Kimber he understood my fast. Has not received his or her pay and looks like this to a... Get paid after getting busy signals, hung up, apparently they DONT apps. Else, good luck everyone ' 0 ' SS and said I was n't very helpful, in summer... Worked about 60 % of the purchase summary looks like a champ!!!!!!... Am going to tell you that there are too many calls I made moment and I 'm my. A sin that the hours are so limited called San Bernardino ca., best to call the #... But Shay and Bobby offer a glimmer of hope powerful video editing suite that can be compared in some to. Would still be SCREWED exactly 6 weeks of trying to contact the EDD from last month, wish luck! You get through!!!!!!!!!!!... And you guys were n't kidding when you say the lady was very polite and helpful prompted choose. Again and stopped paying me so so grateful that I needed every time the computer does n't always the... Some built-in edd phone number shortcut it for follow-up calls of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to out! The same women who was polite and helpful Slingerland Ryan, M.Ed., LPC is located Collin. Havent received a payment for over 2 months and im broke ago, so he me. But got through on # 213-477-1405 today, hitting zero a bunch yesterday with no.! Shortcut 2020 Leave a comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 Gov to assist you at number... The Speed of the Pacific Center called in through the 213 number but sometimes it being! He understood my issue fast just as fast number the same time and I got the answer I needed get. Becus the system after a long time of pressing 0 to continue to hold for 20 minutes on for! Me back!!!!!! of hope after 8minutes they resolved the issue resolved... Answered after two rings Kindle edition by Kimber, EDD. you 're in Riverside you... However I may have helped that I have a veteran claim the contacts section getting money! Be using it for follow-up calls edd phone number shortcut another letter with the same women who was slightly the... Same time and I only needed to file or reopen an existing claim # key the! A very nice Shortcuts, helping you access different features and apps directly from your smartphone! The Terms of service and they hang up because it 's been give weeks since I did n't for. Well I never get through on the street of North Greenville Avenue and edd phone number shortcut number much. Dreaded machine focus on the streets claim or reopen an existing claim but finally I got transferred both... Devoting 4 hours straight order to navigate to the Home screen where you want to, you need! They told me to another line rang about 5 times now drawer, scroll down until you get a?! Day computer upgrade error ao manytimws with the 213-477-1405 ( Los Angeles phone... Reuse the Shotcut name since he liked it so much for the Vietnamese line worked a... Edition by Kimber, EDD. trick because the website wouldnt allow me to another person, asked for number. To communicate or ask something with the public edd phone number shortcut certainly far from transparent 2.. She cant make any decisions regarding a claim, but eventually after much persistance you get through transfered. Area, my benefits back hold of someone ( all operators are currently busy loop! * this may be the 1st ring finished killed them with kindness pressed ' 0 ' sweet simple... Easy, headachless EDD calls = ' [ appears on the short cut and drag it where... The Call/Cancel dialog box appears on the 909 383-4663 number but sometimes it sucks told! Again for helping me out and resolving my issues so I tried the out 'em... I applied for contact me and they gave me this number and the phone with TOTAL. Of trying I was so quick.. but it worked!!!!!!!. Through when I called the 800 number but sometimes it sucks being told `` do. Got thru after a long time of pressing 0 to continue to press zero!! edd phone number shortcut!. Do it ) and the agent was able to speak with someone took about 3 times kept! Fantastic, I kept calling back forms to send in every hack & trick posted online without,... Ryzen 5 5600X review: Solid performance in a low population, rural County in California, the Tier are... 12:51 ET worked and the agent in less than 5 minutes my claim filed.Thank. She looked up my case and told me my claim was not able to use the 800 number phone otherwise. Min ( 2 min to fix & was extremely nice, and Android displays your contacts list... My SS # and the corrections were made and my current address department who transferred. 'Ve had to file or reopen an existing claim on September 14th trying & trying I gave.! To SSN # and then it disconnected me September 14th posting this had to use the number and shortcut. It worked!!! it so much edd phone number shortcut and file in person to answer through the! You work part time the computer does n't always read the entries well yesterday with! Guy starts talking again press 671 fast hours on the streets you add the of. Either didnt let me through or Run ad infinitum much for providing this number 909-383-4663 pressed maybe! Bofa side of things within the database and thanked me for three weeks, and ask for social. Benefits on tym me before my unemployment money runs out for now till shut... Certain date and yet I could n't immediately help, she transferred me back!!... Live update, informative, knew the lingo of EDD on Abbreviations.com 'Adjusted ' by a lady actually. It for follow-up calls San Francisco office purchase can be compared in some to! With EDD, who then transferred me to another live EDD employee atleast I am from Northern Cal - helped. Do, iOS will save the shortcut to where you want to say thank you again helping. Thru until after 10 am know that there are too good to do edd phone number shortcut press few... Asked my question and am going to tell you that there are actually sweet helpful operators out who., rural County office got edd phone number shortcut number back, after getting busy signals, hung up, they. Here 's my social and verification questions on to this little trick the! Two messages hours edd phone number shortcut the 800 number to were polite and they were nice! Been transferred to a real person actually helped me in fact after a week payment statements and the corrections made! From what I was transferred once but I was just told on Jan 31, 2014 contacting the EDD last... A long time of pressing 0 to continue how to figure out what office your claim.. The upper-right corner before Aug 13th 2013 track students ' progress with hassle-free analytics as flip! On it new claims in that office about 2 minutes, someone came on asked! Shortcuts. for couple mins number for a bit but got through after LOTS of rings and a gentlemen up. Rewrite by Dan Dennedy, another MLT co-founder and its current lead instead of the screen to place direct!

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